Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

                                                                                    I believe in the transformative power of our stories and in our innate ability to write toward greater courage, resilience, and creativity. As a writer, educator, creativity consultant, coach, and former Kansas Poet Laureate, I work with individuals, businesses, and communities to live our truest stories. You can find my essays, poems, interviews & songs here and my books of poetry, fiction, memoir, and anthologies here.

What's New

Writing As An Act Of Love: Come write of who, what and how you love on Feb. 13. More here. 

How Time Moves: New & Selected Poems: Watch the book launch reading here, and get your copy from Meadowlark Press here.

Your Right Liveli- hood: Join Laura Packer and me for a life-changing immersion into the work you love starting Feb. 19. More here.

Truth to Power: Read & Write Poetry of Change: Discover poets and poetry in this self-paced class.

Coaching, Consulting & Offerings

Coach With Caryn on writing and your right livelihood.

Have Caryn Consult With Your Business or Group on creativity.

Come to a Workshop, Class, Reading, or Talk online or in-person.

Book Caryn for a keynote, workshop, reading in your community.

Find Your Brave Voice with Kelley Hunt & Caryn at Brave Voice retreats.

Find Your Right Livelihood with Laura Packer and Caryn's annual training.

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By supporting me on Patreon for as little of $3/month, you can help me create transformative writing, workshops, and a new podcast series on the power of words. In exchange, you’ll receive cool perks (books, poems written just for you, and more), early access to my new work, weekly writing life inspirations, and an in-depth writing guide just for you. More here.

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