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Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg,

Writer, Facilitator, Coach, Teacher & Transformative Language Artist

I believe in the transformative power of writing for greater courage, resilience, and creativity. As a writer, educator,  facilitator,  coach, and former Kansas Poet Laureate, I work with people to live our truest stories. All my work is rooted in the power of words to lift up our lives. You can reach me here.​

New Classes, Retreats & Offerings

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Writing or Right Livelihood Coaching

Connect with me if you're interested in finding out more about coaching to help you begin, develop, or finish a writing practice and/or further grow your writing and creative process. I also offer coaching on Right Livelihood -- finding and putting into action the work you love, whether it's for your livelihood, art, service, or purpose. I offer a special package for writing or finishing you book.

Free 20-minute discovery call. You can find out more about coaching here.

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Join My Patreon For Your Weekly Writer's Companion


My renewed Patreon gives you a weekly Write Where You Are Weekly Companion that includes five cool things:

  1. Essayette: Reflections with insights, tips, and tools to tap into your inspiration, deepen your craft, and expand your perspective.

  2. Curiosities: Featured writers, writing, and wisdom in essays, interviews, podcasts, and videos.

  3. Writing From Writing: A prompt drawn from poetry or prose for you to try out.

  4. Beyond Words For Words: Photos, short videos, music & exercises to get you writing.

  5. The Writing Life Quote: From a fascinating, fabulous, or fantastic writer.

You can find out more, see some samples, and subscribe here. All patreon also get my free guide, Writing Your Truest Stories, plus access to over 280 posts on living with greater creativity, discounts on workshops and retreats, occasional drawings for free coaching and books, and other delights. You can choose your rate, starting at $7/month, cancel anytime, and stay in touch.


Need a Book for the Journey? 

Photo by Stephen Locke, used with permission

Blue Sky

Start, develop, or finish a writing project or the work you love. Free Discovery Call. 

Bring me in to lead a workshop, give a reading, or present a talk or keynote.


Contact me about facilitating your organization's meeting or retreat.

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