Blogging For Your Soul & Audience: A New Year Workshop

Blogging for Your Soul & Audience: A New Year Workshop

Sunday, January 28th, 4 p.m. CST/ 5 p.m. EST/ 3 p.m. MST/ 2 p.m. PST

Want to start a blog or enhance the blog you already have going? Join Caryn for this 90-minute video-conferenced workshop you can participate in from anywhere in the world ( via your computer or phone) on blogging as a spiritual and artistic practice that also helps you connect with readers and build an audience. In this interactive workshop, Caryn will share tools and tricks for creating meaning-making posts to grow your writing as a practice and craft for you and your audience. 

 We’ll also generate lists for future blog posts, and discuss how to find your way to veins of gold by cozying up with various topics and approaches. Plus, we'll touch on approaches to turn a blog into a book. By the time we’re done, you’ll have:

  • The first line written for a half dozen (or more) potential blog posts,
  • A list of titles and topics for future writing, plus many strategies for generating further topics,
  • A bundle of ideas about getting your blog out into the world and growing your audience,
  • A deeper understanding of how blogging can be integral to your artistic and/or spiritual practice,
  • A lovely 90 minutes getting to know writers from around the world, and
  • An expansive handout with resources to consider, ideas to spark your writing, and great blogs to inspire you.
  • Moreover, you’ll unearth greater paths to write for your body and soul, life, and world.

This lively and informative workshop is a great way to launch the new year by helping you find greater focus, clarity, and magic as a writer.

Click on whichever book you want to register for the workshop for only $29 (includes a free signed book!).

Register for the Workshop
Register for the Workshop

Registration: Admission to the workshop is $29, and includes one copy of Everyday Magic: Fieldnotes on the Mundane and Miraculous, featuring the best of Caryn's 11+ years of blogging (note: if you already have the book, you can either give your copy to a friend or library, or substitute Chasing Weather: Tornadoes, Tempests, and Thunderous Skies in Word and Image by photographer Stephen Locke and Caryn.  If you want to buy both books, please contact Caryn (email below).

Registration limited to first 16 people.

Technical stuff: We'll be using Zoom, which is a great platform (and works better than Skype in Caryn's experience) in which we get to see each other in boxes, arranged a little like the Brady Bunch. Once you register, you'll receive log-in instructions (which entail simply clicking on a link or two). If you prefer, you can also call into the workshop with your phone.

Question? Contact Caryn at


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