Writing Your Life Road Trip

Online Class

Writing Your Life Road Trip

Healing, Transformation, and Amazement in Life Writing

September 12 - October 30 Online Workshop

Class is almost full, so if interested, jump on in!

We all have our stories and moments when we've witnessed majesty, miracles, and magic. Join a welcoming circle to write about your life's arrivals and departures, discoveries and recoveries, and pit stops along the way that sometimes changed everything.

Find your best way to write memoir, poetry, or personal essays about moments that mattered most in your life as well as what you can glean about your life's journey through writing. There will be ample handouts on the craft and passion of powerful writing and vibrant examples in prose and poetry to spark your memory, imagination, and invention on the page.

What You Get: Each week's online material includes a short reflection on the weekly topic, creative prompts for your new and evolving writing (which you'll receive positive feedback on from fellow students and me), examples in poetry and prose of a whirlwind of astonishing writers to further inspire you, resources for further reading, and craft lessons on making your writing as vibrant, rhythmic, and powerful as possible. Additionally, everyone receives a 20-minute coaching session with me for more personalized guidance and resources. We'll also have two Zoom sessions -- one at the beginning at the workshop to get to know each other and one at the end to celebrate and share our writings.

Who Is This Workshop For: This workshop welcomes anyone who writes or wants to write, whether you're a published author or just returning to or wanting to start a writing practice. All the writing prompts meet you where you are and give you a lot of latitude to write what's most on tap for you now. The mix of where are in our writing makes for a dynamic and supportive class. This is both an ideal workshop for people who want to do legacy writing to share with family as well as for people developing memoirs, poetry, and personal essays for publication. 

Dates & Details: The workshop will be online in a friendly and accessible format called Wet Ink. Each week will open on a Monday with your writing due by the following Sunday. Our two 90-minute Zoom sessions will be held on two Thursdays -- Sept. 15 and Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. CT/8 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. MT/ 5 p.m. PT.

Registration & Fees: The workshop fee is $320. Note: as of 9/5, there are only 2 more openings. To register, you have three options:

Questions? Please email me.

Week by Week

Each week we'll focus on a stage in our writing road trip to help us unearth what we want and need to write.

Week 1: Packing For and Planning the Trip: Our first week will be a time of surveying what calls to us most in our coming writing, including creating and writing from our own best writing prompts and lists of fence post moments (times that are especially significant to us).  

Week 2: Starting Out: Begin and begin again could be the credo of human existence. This week, we're dive into new starts in our lives, including childhood through our current age beginnings and re-beginnings, all of which give us ample material for compelling writing.

Week 3: Getting Lost: Most road trips -- metaphorical or literal -- include getting lost along the way or, as Buddhist nun Pema Chodron writes, "dwelling in uncertainty." Writing into when we didn't know which end was up can show us new ways of seeing, and from the confusing and chaotic, we can land on a lot of writing that wants to come out and play.

Week 4: Getting Found: Belonging is a strong pull for most of us, whether it's a sense of belonging to ourselves, a family, community, friend group, or the places where we live and explore. Here we'll investigate what we have to say to the page and ourselves about true belonging, and the freedom and vision it can bring us.

Week 5: The Gifts of the Unexpected: Surprises and detours, sometimes catalyzed by road blocks, thwarted plans (and other ways we can make God laugh) give us ample material for deepening our writing. After all, good writing brings writers and readers into fresh and original experiences, juxtaposing like with not-like to spark new fires to warm and illuminate ourselves.

Week 6: Points of Arrival: In writing about hard-won wisdom and other deep learning and transformations, when we suddenly aren't who we thought we are or used to be, we can open the door to strong poems, stories, and more. "I am not yet done with my changes," Stanley Kunitz writes in his poem, "The Layers." This week we'll be looking at what the layers of our lives show us about what we can create on and beyond the page.