Poetry Playhouse

Poetry Playhouse

Home Edition

An online class to home in on the passion and possibilities of your poetry
September 6 - October 31


Enter the poetry playhouse to explore, experiment, play, rest, unearth, and renovate your writing. By drawing on memories, experiences, and dreams of where and how you've lived, you will craft a whole new body of poems in a welcoming and encouraging community. We'll use innovative writing prompts (including poems, questions, videos and guidance for creating your own bag of tricks all life long) to access poetic material from the interior rooms and external spaces of your life.

Each week we will:

  • Write about a different room in the poetry playhouse (and from a different pocket in your psyche), from the family room (writing childhood), through the bedroom (writing about dreams and the dark), to the front porch (writing in community) and up to the attic (writing ancestors and generational stories)
  • Explore new poetic forms, such as pantoums, or a group renga
  • Learn more about the craft of writing and revising poetry, including powerful imagery, engaging rhythms, effective line breaks and spacing, powerful beginnings and endings, and the romance of revision.
  • Read and watch a featured poet to to glean more opportunities for our own poems.
  • Contemplate the challenges and miracles of being a workaday writer.

Additionally, we have some wonderful ways to further connect:

  • Send some of your poems to Caryn for a supportive written critique.
  • Share poems in small groups (via a Zoom videoconference meeting) to garner encouraging feedback.
  • Ask questions and share insights, news, and resources in an online community room.
  • Celebrate at the Poetry Playhouse reading and reception (via Zoom) at the conclusion of the class.

Format: This online class will be friendly and easy to navigate (hosted on a platform called Wet Ink), starting Sun., Sept. 6 and ending Sat., Oct. 31. We will also haveĀ three Zoom sessions, Sunday evenings 7 p.m. CST/ 8 p.m. EST/ 6 p.m. MST/ 5 p.m. PST on Sept. 13, Oct. 11, and Oct. 18 (90 minutes in length each). All students will also have the opportunity to send Caryn a small batch of poems for her support suggestions for development and revision.

Note: If you've taken this with me in another form in the past, you are welcome to come on in again! I will be infusing the class with lots of new prompts and links, plus you can always go home again.

Early bird rate: $290. until Aug 15. Regular rate: $320. You can pay via Paypal by clicking the link, or you can email me to arrange for sending a check.