I Walk the Line: The Music of Poetry

I Walk the Line

The Music of Poetry

An Zoom Workshop for Poetry Month

April 3 - 30, 2022

The line in poetry has everything to do with the music and rhythm of the poem, how the poem looks on the page, and especially the meanings and evocations the poem—line by line, stanza by stanza, and a whole—offers readers. In composing our lines and line breaks, we work intimately with sound and words, space and print, pacing and stillness. At the same time, we’re constructing the poem as something visual with its own look and design on the page. In this lively workshop, we’ll explore the possibilities of line length and line breaks (and dip into stanza construction) three ways: 1) Reading and discussing a variety of poems; 2) Writing our own poems attuned to what we can do with the line; and 3) Workshopping our poems together to experiment, unearth, and play with lines and line breaks. Additionally, each students receives a 20-minute coaching session to work one-on-one with me on your poems, and everyone enjoys ample resources and examples.

Week One: Overview of the line, the rhythm of speech and enhanced meanings

Week Two: Short-lined poems and the poetry of reflection

Week Three: Long-lined poems and the poetry of action

Week Four: Each line a micro poem: bringing it all together

What This Class Gives You

This exploration in composing poetry gives all participants:

  • A body of new poetry you'll create during the class, plus inviting and vibrant poetry prompts to spark your creative fires.
  • A community of support, inspiration, and learning on Zoom.
  • An online resource center with weekly lessons (including discussions, links, and videos) that you'll have access to for a year.
  • Immersion into the way numerous poets work with lines, line breaks, and the overall music of poetry the onlineresource center and our Zoom classes.
  • A short one-on-one coaching session on your writing (with a special package available for additional coaching).

Who Should Take This Class

This class is geared toward anyone who writes poetry and wants to improve their poetry, particularly how each poems looks on the page and sounds aloud. With our focus on line, line breaks, sound, and rhythm, poets of all stripes and spots can experiment with poetry composition techniques, tricks, and tips to find what works best for them.

How This Class Works 

This is a Zoom-based class with online support and a bit of coaching, including:

  • Weekly Zoom sessions, April 3, 10, 17, and 24 from 6:30-8:30 CST (7:30-9:30 EST/ 5:30-7:30 MST/ 4:30-6:30 PST) to explore the music of poetry, including using some shared Google Docs to see various approaches unfolded in real time. Zoom sessions will be recorded for you (and only shared with members of the class). Note: One of these classes is on Easter, but it is in the evening. If that is an problem, please be in touch.
  • Online Google Site (a private website just for us) with ample writing prompts, examples of various approaches to the line and line breaks, and resources for future investigation.
  • One 20-minute coaching session to discuss your poetry, including working on or reviewing how you work with composition together.

You should expect to spend two to three hours per week perusing resources and readings and writing poetry, plus 90 minutes weekly at our Zoom sessions.


Class Fee: $210. Payment can be made by check (contact me for details), Venmo (Caryn-Goldberg-2, and please email me so that I have your contact info.), or Paypal.  Note: only 2 spots left in this class.