Tucked into the Clouds: Everyday Magic, Day 888

img_2966For days, it’s been overcast with an active sky varying hews of gray in between tossing out ice pellets, a bit of sleet and freezing rain, a lot of regular rain, and a smoky sense of being. Although we avoided the potential big ice storm in this town, thankfully keeping our electricity and most trees intact, there’s no sunshine to be found for miles, which doesn’t cheer me.

But what there is: a dog napping on the couch behind Christmas lights adorning shelves for the cats to climb and sleep on, skillet corn bread baking in the oven, and Ken typing on his computer to my right, and classical music on the radio to my right. The ice-encased tall grasses around our house are free to shift slightly in the warming air, and for the first time in days, there’s some variation of gray with darker clouds on top and foggy horizons lightening up to almost white. There’s also hot tea in the mornings and warm piles of quilts at bedtime, piles of books, a happily-used simg_2965ewing machine and lots of colorful fabric, and a lovely time to pause and watch the junos and chickadees eat the birdseed on the deck.

Eventually, the clouds will dissipate, but for now, here we are despite whatever human-made turmoil rolls into and out of form close by or far away. In the distance, here is also a lone great blue heron winging her way back to the water as whatever is changing unfurls in its quiet and active ways.

One thought on “Tucked into the Clouds: Everyday Magic, Day 888

  1. jsmithkansas says:

    Caryn, thank you for your touching memoir, re: our January weather. I, too, am grateful now that spring is starting to surface. It’s been a long time awaiting. The cold Kansa weather is finally easing into a brighter tomorrow.
    Also, I was thrilled to see that you were involved in the Women’s March in Topeka! Thank you for your dedication to the cause. Watching millions of women, country-wide, make a statement to our new president that, in this land of equality, we women must have a voice, too, was duly inspiring. Our adopted Asian daughter marched in Denver, too.
    And yes, my dear friend I, too, am now an author. Actually, this is my third book, but of another genre. In the last few months, “Refugees! A Family’s Search for Freedom and a Church That Helped Them Find It” has gone online on http://www.amazon.com.
    Given the world’s precarious situation with the largest number of refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons in recorded history (65.3 million, as of last week), my book could not have been more ‘right on’. Yes, Spring is on the way for us, but for the refugees, I dare not say. I thought I’d mention this to you, since many years ago, your people seeking for The Promised Land were once refugees, too.
    Blessings to you, your book, your causes, your passions, dear sister. I am one with you.
    – Jeanne Jacoby Smith, McPherson, KS

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