The Laughter of Men: Everyday Magic, Day 747

I woke to the laughter of men. Ken and Forest got up far earlier to pick up Daniel at the train station after an all-night-and-then-some ride from Albuquerque to Lawrence. Once they returned, what did they do? Drink coffee and watch videos together, anything that made them laugh. First I heard Daniel’s laughter, then a lower-pitched round of laughter from Ken, overlapping with Ken’s laughter. Given that it was a bunch of guys laughing hard in the early morning chill of the dining room, I can only guess they were watching videos like this one, which show dozens of ways to decimate a pumpkin because that’s the kind of thing that makes them laugh the hardest and longest. Either that or whatever the 2013 equivalent of The Three Stoogers is.

Meanwhile, I wound the quilts and cats around me tighter, flipped my pillow to the cooler side, and curled back into Sunday morning sleep, the music of men’s laughter encapsulating my dreams.

One thought on “The Laughter of Men: Everyday Magic, Day 747

  1. bookantics says:

    Too right! Just to check it out, I had Thomas come and watch the pumpkin video thinking…’Nah, he won’t laugh.’ How wrong I was! There is something so comforting in that laughter, a solidity and an unknowing reaching out that only adds to the warmth in our beds and hearts.

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