Yup, It’s Hot Out, But It’s Also Kind of Lovely: Everyday Magic, Day 861

It’s hot, and it will be hot for the foreseeable future with highs in the 90s through most of the rest of June. Then it turns July, when it’s 100 degrees most days, and the nights not much cooler. So it’s a time to adjust expectations, walk quickly through the heat, and always carry a big hat. I’m falling in with accepting that it’s hot today, it will be hot tomorrow, and any sudden shivers won’t likely show up for months. I’m also remembering how to do summer:

  • Dinner? Something cold, unless the air-conditioning is powerful, like half a cantaloupe and some smoked fish, or even better, sorbet with chocolate sprinkles. Crackers are also good.
  • The pool. The water will feel bathtub-temperatured after about a minute, but that first minute is divine. The air feels lovely and cool to the face lifting out of the water.
  • Iced water, iced tea, iced smoothies, iced coffee, iced coconut-flavored fizz water.
  • Movie theaters: cialis online tips summer is why they’re here.
  • Gardening early in the morning when it’s only about 88 degrees and o0% humidity.
  • Shorts, light dresses (with shorts underneath), sandals and more sleeveless shirts no matter how much the upper arm under-jiggles jiggles.
  • Splashes of cold water on the water and occasionally down the back.
  • The freezer: a great place to stick the head.
  • Lingering in overly-air-conditioned spaces to better experience the sauna of stepping outside.
  • Accepting that sweat is a part of life.
  • Flowers ecstatic in bloom and fragrance, plus the rise of the berry family coming to a supermarket near you.
  • Ceiling fans and all other kinds of fans to blow the hot air toward us.
  • Being very slow to get anything done but very quick to take an air-conditioned road trip, like drive 80 miles to try the pie in a small town.
  • Night lifts to a new level of lovely especially with the stars out and wind up.

My Hottest Writing: A Retrospective: Everyday Magic, Day 599

Turkeys in our field vying for what shade they can find

Everyday I start to write about the heat, I realize what I’m prone to say has already been said, and what’s worse, by me last summer. So instead I offer this retrospective of life on a desert planet, otherwise known as much of the Midwest lately and more specifically from my vantage point, Kansas:

Meanwhile, let’s toast a large glass of iced water to cooler days ahead, maybe even in the low 90s (be still, my heart!) and continue to inside-out and outside-in our lives in search of air-conditioning and joy.

The Dog Days of Summer Are Barking Loud & Early: Everyday Magic, Day 590

There comes a time in summer when a gal looks at the weather, rolls her eyes, shakes her head, and wonders if it would be worth it to drive to the Rockies, even if just for a day. Usually, this urge to change my place of weather hits me in mid-to-late July, and then repeats itself, like Groundhog Day, throughout the long month of August. Unfortunately, the dog days are here about a month early, not much of a surprise given that summer started dropping by in March this year.

When I first moved to Kansas, people told me that the weather — especially the summers — build character. But the way this weather builds character is to take down whoever you thought you were first. Think you’re a reasonably, friendly, light-hearted person? Land in a week of daily lows in the mid-90s, and you might find out you’re quite the opposite. Summer here is a little like PMS on steroids, but without enough energy to get homicidal urges.

The early unshelling of big heat makes it hard to say to myself, “Oh, in a month or so it’ll cool down, so sit tight” because it’s more like three months or more of probable weeks like this interspersed with relief. On the plus side, the chiggers, ticks and mosquitoes have been knocked back, and I never have to remember to take a sweater with me if I go out at night. Dressing is simple too: shorts, tank top, sandals, and often my legs forget what pants feel like.

Y sitting outside right now, on the porch in the shade, sitting iced coffee under a blur-moving ceiling fan, I wonder what I’m complaining about. There are slips of time — early morning and after midnight or so — when it’s lovely outside so long as I don’t make any sudden moves. Like my dogs, lying sprawled across cool floors or porches, the summer heat burns me out of being elsewhere but here, taking what bearable breeze I can get. Plus, we have a magical cure for the heat: the crazy, windy, wild thunderstorms that shake everything, even the heat, out of balance for something new.

If You Can't Stand the Heat But Won't Leave the Kitchen: Everyday Magic, Day 397

The kitchen in this case is Kansas, and although I won’t leave, I kind of can’t stand the heat anymore. After a few days in the high 80s, I lost my resistance, or maybe after many weeks in the high 90s/100s, I just lost my mind. Need I add that it’s 100 degrees (as usual) and will be the same tomorrow.

So what to do? I try work, but the heat distracts me. Ice bars help as does ice water. Movies? Done that. Shopping in highly air-conditioned places? Done that also. Lying on the cool floor? The animals have taken up much of that space. In fact, just about all the usual heat distractions have been implemented so often this summer that I’m reduced to simply sitting in front of the not-so-good air-conditioner with the not-so-good overhead fan.

Meanwhile there’s just the breath by breath consciousness of this weather to endure, observe and stop judging. Meanwhile the impending cooler weather is well over three days away, too far to pin much hope to when time bakes the earth right now. So it’s back to the drawing board and out of the sun. The one place I won’t go, however, is the kitchen except to open the freezer and stick my head in occasionally.

Acclimating To The Heat: Everyday Magic, Day 375

It’s 6:30 p.m. and 97 degrees. Earlier, it was 101, and strangely enough, I’m not agonizing as much as I was a week or two ago. “It’s warm out,” I tell myself jauntily before turning up the a.c. in the car and heading to the recycling center, where I break a sweat lifting the first bag of plastic bottles. Later it may drop to 85, and it’ll feel like springtime…..if the humidity loosens its grip also. The summer heat in Kansas, especially this summer, is a challenge that keeps playings its hit songs, and those of us living in this music run out of energy for complaining buy cialis 20 online about it after a while.

For now, I just sit tight under the fan, in front of the a.c. that barely works, and next to the sprawled out dog on the floor. One day this will end like all gifts and hardships of time, but for now, there’s nothing to do but keep living in increasing acclimatization, which means a minimum of motion during certain hours of the day, aiming myself toward coffee shops with strong a.c. and icy coffee, and keeping my mind and body moving accordingly, turtle like in its thickening shell, as I dream of cold fronts.