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Blue Sky

What Is This Life For?: Everyday Magic, Day 401

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

The first morning after the killing heat ends,

after you’ve gotten through what you didn’t think you could endure,

after the pear tree dies, the long field fades into the sun,

it changes. The cool air brightens the blue of the sky.

The trembling Osage Orange tree shines. The new surge

of fall shakes shadow and sunlight together on the concrete drive.

There is no place to yearn for, no necessary escape or long nap

in a dark room. There’s only the early monarch, wavering

on the yellowed sunflower stalk, the old crickets in the woods,

the ready wind across your face, saying, welcome back.

This is what you aim your heart toward, this return of ground

and sky, the homecoming of the broken and breaking, the arrival

of another season in which whatever you live for turns

and faces you with open arms.

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Blue Sky
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