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Note to Self: Don’t Try to Do Everything Yourself: Everyday Magic, Day 488

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

A few days ago, I wrote about teaching myself to update my website, building on my scant knowledge of code and lots of experience with wordpress sites. I hoped, like Bridget Jones, that I wouldn’t end up serving company blue soup with strings in it. Well, it turns out I made a lot of blue soup, and not just with strings, but pebbles, motor oil, sand and organutan droppings. Or another way of putting it is that like my dance performance when I was a little kid, I fell over and knocked over all the other little girls in the line.

So now a very sweet and good person is working on fixing a very big problem.

How did this happen? I followed instructions, tried to be careful, and acted on the belief that I could and would figure this out. But knowing a little is far more dangerous sometimes that knowing nothing.

Which leads me to this very basic realization: sometimes you shouldn’t try to do everything yourself. Give me a poem to whip into shape, a soup to cook, or some tiles to grout, and I’m your girl. Put me into the ftp Alice-in-Wonderland world, and I can be danger to myself and others. This isn’t to say it’s not worth teaching ourselves new things, only that we have to recognize that whatever we try out is linked to others (especially on the web).

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