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I’m a Sucker for an Angel on the Street: Everyday Magic, Day 38

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Look at what I found right next to La Parilla downtown: an angel standing in deep stillness. She's probably part of the Busker Festival, an annual happening that fills the streets of Lawrence with jugglers, magicians, acrobats, mimes, musicians and other tricksters of the street variety.

I particularly like how this angel seems to be holding up the roof, which is a good function for angels given how messy life gets when the literal or metaphor roof falls in. She also reminds me of the last time I saw a street angel: on the fabled Duvall Street in Key West where Ken and I went just before my double masectomy. That angel, a tranvestite angel to boot, gave me a gracious hug, and I felt truly blessed.

But I also felt blessed today to walk out from finishing a chicken rice bowl with my son Daniel, and to see this angel, right here in plain sight, and giving me a quick wink without breaking from her heavenly realms. Long may angels roam the streets with us!

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