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Everything That Converges: Everyday Magic, Day 868

Updated: Sep 26, 2023


Enter a surprising convergence, starting with a great big ball of light Sunday evening. After finally getting the kayaks out of the rattlesnakes, and the rattlesnakes out of the kayaks, we took those babies (the kayaks, not the rattlesnakes) out to Clinton Reservoir to try them out. We were running late because Ken found he needed to further secure our kayak carrier, some important phone calls rang in, and of course there was the matter of getting the pill down the throat of the sick cat. But because we were late, we ended up launching ourselves on the water right on time for the the super moon rise and eclipse.

There is little I love as much as moonlight on water, and that night, I actually got to kayak down the long shimmering line of light from the rising moon on the waves. The moon started large and mother-of-pearl-lit in a pink sky. As it rose, it brightened and goldened. We kayaked in circles, marveling at the beauty of it all a large cloud of mosquitoes descended, helping us learn how to kayak at faster speeds.


On Monday, my car unfortunately smelling like fries, the eclipse gave way to preparation for a colonoscopy and endoscopy, the latter because of my chemo-damaged esophagus. For those of you who have cheap cialis master card done this, you know it’s kind like your own little science experiment as one of friends aptly described the process. For those of you who haven’t done it, I’ll just say it’s not the end of the world although I found it hard to remember words when speaking to various people throughout the day. It’s surreality with a lot of trips to the bathroom between downing enormous jugs of fluids.

Tuesday, the procedure was a li


Still moonstruck and medical-procedure-finished-grateful, I slept easily so I could wake early on Wednesday to drive myself, some hot tea, and a whole grain English muffin to the airport, take one plane to Chicago, wander that airport a bit, take another plane to Burlington, VT, pick up the rental car, and dock at the Goddard College for four days of meetings and events.

Moon photos by Roy Beckemeyer. Check out his wonderful book of poems, Music I Could Once Dance To.

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