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Brooklynisms, Lower-Manhattanisms, and Other Things Heard on the Street: Everyday Magic, Day 852

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Roaming around Brooklyn and the city for about five days yields not just astonishing things to behold (two Chinese multi-generational bands jamming in a park where dozens of people play table-top games at high speed in between yelling in Catonese at each other) but also snippets of things people say to each other. Not knowing Catonese or any of the probably 22 other languages hummingbirding past us as we walked, I could only catch these intriguing phrases in English, some of which Ken, Ruth or I may have actually said but most of which we heard:

  1. They’re taking over an area that used to be HORRRRible!

  2. In Dublin, Van B and Van C are far superior to Van A.

  3. I basically made it sound like you’re the only reason the city could sell the company, so you should thank me.

  4. He’s turning into you.

  5. ….Or like a passive aggressive British woman.

  6. The thing about her is that I could actually feel her aura vibrating. It was that intense.

  7. The Paris Metro is far superior to this subway.

  8. Waiting for the bathroom is a fucking nightmare at this theater.

  9. I could sell him anything if he’d just answer the phone.

  10. They do the voices really good, but it felt bad anyway. I didn’t get anything out of it but squeaks.

  11. It wasn’t just that the penis was elevated.

  12. They’re great at growing rocks here.

  13. Bagels are for losers.

  14. I loved him but not really.

  15. I’m like the healthiest person on the face of the planet because all I eat is Chinese food, that and some salad.

  16. Person 1: Watch it! Person 2: I don’t have to watch it. You watch it.

  17. The rats all know about the third rail. It’s passed down. It’s in their DNA by now.

  18. Father to 5-year-old daughter: What did you see? Daughter: Money!

  19. The olive oil cake is sublime.

  20. You have to go down to go up.

  21. Don’t open your mouth. The devil is going to trick you.

So I’ll close my mouth now and go find some Chinese food, that or salad.

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