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Blue Sky

A Valentine Poem: Everyday Magic, Day 210

Updated: Sep 30, 2023


It’s all a matter of seeing what is right here:

the face of the beloved, the eyes closed,

graying lashes on the cheekbone. The eyes

open, blue washed into green, changing

in light and time. It is all necessary as

time or how remembering changes

the face, looking to see what comes

turns the head. It is all a matter of thinking,

What are you thinking? When did it start,

how can it end when the weight, the lightness

of this seeing makes the familiar new,

the unknown an old friend? It is all right

on the cusp of the horizon: deepening

blue folding back into orange behind the tree

behind you. It is all a matter of seeing

in the delicate and wild space between us

that isn’t really space at all, how whatever

we know can be erased and remade with the other.

How our time is not a force rushed through us,

but a kind of valentine we can open right now,

in the eyes of the other.

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