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A Perfect Spring Day in January: Everyday Magic, Day 476

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

When I discovered the top song the day I was born was Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife,” I knew it was going to be a great day, one that travels that song’s rhythm with ease (the do do DOOO do). Besides, there are certain days when the weather defies logic, good events pile on each other, and the mind clears to take in all the brilliance. This was such a day.

Beyond the 67 degrees (Did winter miss us? No matter — we can make due with a double-spring), this day was imbued with so much I love. I began with meeting someone new I’ll be collaborating with on work that lifts us both onto sparkling common ground where our backgrounds, work and callings dwell. I spent the rest of the morning answering emails, writing a proposal, and who knows what else, all while listening to how “Maggie’s back in town.”

After a lovely walk to get a slice of pizza, I trekked down to my favorite bookstore in the world, The Raven, to order some book, then walked through the delicious air to the car, drove home, and promptly took a 15-minute power nap, cat placed purring on my chest the whole time. When I woke up, I lightly caffeinated myself, then proceeded to revise 30 pages of my novel about a present-day biblical Miriam while listening to itunes (like a radio station that plays all your favorites) before catching up with Ken, then going with Natalie to yoga class with the always inspiring Gopi Sandal.

A quick salad at Dillons with Natalie, some shopping to get all needed to make meatballs for dinner tomorrow night (while catching up with my mom on the phone), and here I am home. Walking into the house with twin grocery backs, I felt the cool breeze and looked up to see the occasional stars. Everything smelled sweet and easy.

What makes it a great day isn’t just doing what I love with people I love, but having the space betwix and between to walk, write, breathe and stretch into the moment, right here on the end of the sky’s hand, offered to us. Thank you, day, and I look forward to seeing what you bring tomorrow, even if it’s a touch of winter.

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