Wild East Lawrence Walk - By Podcast

Lawrence, KS

Because of the pandemic, this walk will happen via Podcast — in the second week of April, we will upload here a link you can click on while going on your own Wild East Lawrence walk!

The Wild East Lawrence nature walk, part of the Songs & Stories of East Lawrence project with Kelley Hunt & Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and led by naturalist Ken Lassman, explores the seasons, watersheds and natural features of the neighborhood. 

Because humans and human settlements are part of ecosystems, our project also incorporates the watersheds of East Lawrence, which give us an ecological window into the land formations, waterways, and other environmental dimensions of this particular place. 

Ken Lassman is a life-long Lawrence/Douglas County resident, including living for several years in East Lawrence. He is the author of Wild Douglas County (2007) and Seasons and Cycles: Rhythms of Life in the Kansas Area Watershed (1985), and the author for over a dozen years of Kaw Valley Almanac (, an online weekly guide to what’s happening in the natural world. 

Online Class: The Art of Facilitation: Facilitating for Community & Change

June 24, 2020
August 4, 2020
Online class you can do from wherever you are!


Online class with Joy Roulier Sawyer & Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg through the Transformative Language Arts Network

Transformative Language Arts can be a powerful change agent in the world, one whose borders reach far beyond workshops, coaching, performance, and other forms of traditional TLA work. In this class, we’ll explore how creating intentional communal spaces, taking an inward look, working across vast definitions of “difference” (including race, religion, gender, class, living with ability or health challenges, and more), can help foster greater cohesion and expression in a fragmented culture. We’ll also learn how to navigate difficult situations and people more smoothly and compassionately, as well as how to joyfully sustain ourselves in our own individual TLA callings.focus especially on embodying compassion in action through how we  See details here.

Getting Your Writing Out There & Finding Your People

June 29, 2020 - 6:30pm
May 30, 2020
May 30, 2020
Zoom video-conference

Once your writing project is ready, how do you find audiences and fellow writers? Learn how to discover and create writing communities to help sustain you as well as where and how to perform effective and fulfilling readings. Bring a short piece to read aloud. An example handout will be provided. (Please note: this class is for adults — it currently says “teens,” but that will be corrected shortly).

This session is sponsored by the Story Center at the Mid-Continent Library, and it’s free, but pre-registration is required.

Online Class: Poetry Playhout

September 6, 2020 - 10:32pm
October 31, 2020
May 30, 2020
Online using a friendly and easy website
An online class to home in on the passion and possibilities of your poetry — September 6 – October 31

Enter the poetry playhouse to explore, experiment, play, rest, unearth, and renovate your writing. By drawing on memories, experiences, and dreams of where and how you’ve lived, you will craft a whole new body of poems in a welcoming and encouraging community. We’ll draw on innovative writing prompts (including poems, questions, videos and guidance for creating your own bag of tricks all life long) to access poetic material from the interior rooms and external spaces of your life. (Note: if you’re taken this before, feel free to come on back! There will be lots of new prompts too.) Click here for more details.

Council Grove, KS: Brave Voice: Writing & Singing For Your Life

September 20, 2020
September 25, 2020
White Memorial Camp
Council Grove, Kansas

Our 15th Annual Brave Voice Retreat!

Please join us for a soulful, invigorating and life-changing 6-day retreat to dive into writing, singing, and songwriting, and surface with new work, collaborative creations, a community that supports your artistic development, and a renewed vision of your life.

We know how opening our voice through writing, singing and songwriting enhances our lives and communities. In addition to workshops and retreats, we offer collaborative performances featuring Kelley’s & Caryn’s co-written songs, Kelley’s music, and Caryn’s poetry, and in-services, consulting and workshops for businesses, organizations and institutions. Kelley Hunt, an internationally-renowned singer-songwriter, has performed throughout the U.S. and Europe, solo and with the Kelley Hunt band, and she has released four critically-acclaimed albums. Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, the Poet Laureate of Kansas, is a poet and writer with 24 books in print (including poetry, memoir, a novel, a non-fiction book, a writing guide, and anthologies), and she founded Transformative Language Arts, a program at Goddard College and movement.

More information on the retreat here. Note: our retreats regularly sell out months ahead of time, so please jump in suddenly if this calls to you. Please note that we have been developing ways to do this in a social-distanced way (as needed), and we may have other alternatives if needed.

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