Facilitation Coaching

Facilitation Coaching

In what seems like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we worked and created with people face-to-face. The pandemic invaded, and suddenly, we needed to pivot on a dime from being in the same room to being on the same Zoom. Yet Zoom and other video-conferencing meetings and workshops can actually be invigorating and relaxing, inclusive and effective when they’re well-planned and facilitated.

That's why, in an age when many of us are weary of staring at boxes of colleagues, collaborators, and peers on our screens, I offer individual and team facilitation to help you become become a facilitation Jedi, finding the force within you to exude calm, strength, and clarity. In truth, strong facilitators have always been Jedis, guiding the energy of the group or team toward their most creative, intelligent, collaborative, and visionary work. 

Without The Jedi, There Can Be No Balance In The Force. - Lor San Tekka, The Force Awakens

Tailored to what best serves you, your situation, and your people, my coaching includes pre-work before our first session and follow-up resources and considerations after each sessions. In our sessions, we’re explore your best ways to navigate working effectively in the startling new normal that keeps shifting as well as how to work with challenging situations, times, and people.

My Facilitation Experience

Some of us are born facilitators, unable to sit on our hands when we see how much good facilitation can save the day. I’ve been drawn to organizational development at large and group process in particular since I started facilitating meetings with my temple youth group as a teen. Since then, I’ve facilitated hundreds of meetings and workshops, studied with great teachers and programs, and trained many facilitators extensively through Goddard College's Transformative Language Arts concentration and businesses and organizations trainings. I regularly teach facilitation classes with Joy Roulier Sawyer.

Please contact me to set up a free exploratory 20-minute meeting if you’d like to learn more.