My consulting services foster greater creativity, resilience, courage, and communication in the workplace.

Businesses and organizations need to tell good stories, not just about their goods and services, but also about purpose and culture to better retain talent, communicate their brand, and build leadership. Creatives, who are adept and gifted at innovating on a dime, can also expand and sustain their imaginations through exploring the stories they're living in and beyond their workplaces.

My life-long practice of writing -- coupled with decades of teaching at universities, in communities, and for businesses and organizations -- has deepened my understanding of creativity resilience, the courage to create in new ways, and the nuances of effective communication. I bring to my consulting a panoramic understanding of how stories, and even the myths we live (my PhD focus), inform organizations and businesses, our lives and our livelihood. As a long-time poet and writing educator, I know how concise and precise language, plus a healthy sense of curiosity, can help us widen our vision.

Recent research -- from Forbes to Harvard Business Review -- emphasizes how essential creativity and communication as well as the power of storytelling if for team-building, content creation, leadership development, and financial sustainability.

My consulting, tailored to your needs in our collaborative and dynamic partnership, enhances retention and team-building, facilitates organizational imagination and organization, and expands our storytelling capacity for organizational projects and culture. Sessions may focus on:

  • Creativity resilience to recharge our imagination and inventiveness,
  • Breakthrough thinking to spark imagination and innovation,
  • Seeing and re-envisioning the stories we're living and bringing to the workplace,
  • Encouraging self-care and a sense of community, and
  • Mentoring the creative in ourselves and others.

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