Facilitation Coaching

Facilitation Coaching

Facilitation -- when in person or via Zoom -- takes great presence, clarity, awareness, compassion, and continuing education, whether you're facilitating arts-based workshops, community meetings, or collaborations. 

Since what we have to learn as facilitators is both a life-long art and is so individualized, I offer coaching tailored to you to help you better navigate soulful, effective facilitation, including topics such as:

  • Workshop design and structure to help you facilitate arts and healing arts sessions, whether they're stand-alone sessions, a weekly class, a retreat, or an intensive.
  • Facilitation guidance to bring the greatest wisdom and creativity to table, even and especially when working with challenging and dynamic situations, communities, and individuals.
  • Hospitality in facilitation wisdom to help you co-create a welcoming, inclusive sense of community with participants. This also includes support to help you think through issues related to privilege and silencing.
  • Guidance on organizing and facilitating meetings that lift people and communities up, make the best use of everyone's time, and help the group accomplish its goals effectively and even joyfully.
  • Transitioning workshops and meetings from video-conferencing (such as Zoom) back to in-person or from in-person to Zoom, including how to help build a sense of shared purpose no matter how you're meeting.
  • Direction and resources for working with diverse communities, across generations, and with people living with heavy burdens.
  • Self-care for the facilitator to help us grow our compassion for ourselves and for those we work with for the good of all.

Photo is one of my sessions at Turning Point: The Center for Hope and Healing, where I've been facilitating workshops since 2002 for people living with serious illness.

My Facilitation Experience

Some of us are born facilitators, unable to sit on our hands when we see how much good facilitation can save the day. I’ve been drawn to organizational development at large and group process in particular since I started facilitating meetings with my temple youth group as a teen. Since then, I’ve facilitated hundreds of meetings and workshops, studied with great teachers and programs, and trained many facilitators extensively through Goddard College's Transformative Language Arts concentration and businesses and organizations trainings. I regularly teach facilitation classes with Joy Roulier Sawyer.

My facilitation education is a confluence of many rivers. I've studied Quaker-based facilitation through the bioregional movement, trained in grassroots organizing through the Midwest Academy, and became certified as both a poetry therapist and a yoga teacher over the years. As a Transformative Language Artist -- someone who uses the power of words for community building, health and healing, and growth and discovery -- I've learned mostly by doing, and I've been facilitating community arts- and healing arts-based workshops widely since 1992.

Please contact me to set up a free exploratory 20-minute meeting if you’d like to learn more about how facilitation coaching may speak to your work and calling.