My consulting services foster greater creativity, resilience, courage, and communication in the workplace. I support teams that must consistently create on demand and at a high level of excellence.

Businesses and organizations need to tell good stories, not just about their goods and services, but also about purpose and culture to better communicate their brand, build leadership, and retain talent. Recent research -- from Forbes to Harvard Business Review -- emphasizes the importance of the power of storytelling for team-building, content creation, leadership development, and financial sustainability.

My workshops and experiential sessions are designed to challenge and invigorate creative teams and individuals. Tailored to your specific needs, sessions can be from two hours to a half day in length (or longer), with hands-on exercises and participation to generate new forms of imagination and to expand the storytelling capacity of the team, the company, and its clients. Sessions may focus on:

  • Creativity resilience to recharge our imagination and inventiveness,
  • Breakthrough thinking to spark imagination and innovation,
  • Identifying and re-envisioning the stories we're living and bringing to the workplace,
  • Self-care and community building,
  • Mentoring the creative in ourselves and others.

My life-long practice of writing and creating for multiple media -- coupled with decades of teaching and facilitating at universities, in communities, and for businesses and organizations -- has deepened my understanding of creativity resilience, the courage to create in new ways, and the nuances of effective communication.

I hope for the chance to talk with you about how this group experience can impact your company or organization. Please contact me here to find out more.


"Caryn is uniquely gifted to give keynotes, workshops, and seminars for businesses and groups that seek to enhance the creative potential of members to build a work environment where people can be more innovative, cooperative, productive and creative. Her warm, authentic, empowering, inspiring, and joyful presence is something I have rarely observed in other leaders."  -- Harriet Lerner, PhD, author of the bestselling The Dance of Anger

"I can attest to the beautiful skills of inspiration, insight and compassion Caryn brings to the Great Work of living a passion and creative life."  -- Gregg Levoy, consultant, author, Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life

"Caryn not only has boundless creativity, but she sets goals and knows how to get things done. If you need help with a creative project or if you want a dynamic group facilitator, she's the one to call!" -- Deborah Altus, chair, Human Services Department, Washburn University

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