Celebrating Kansas Day: Everyday Magic, Day 193

At 10 a.m., I found myself sitting with the Kansas governor, speaker-of-the-house, majority and minority leaders and other dignitaries on a landing between the steps leading up to the grand entrance to the Kansas Capitol in Topeka. When it was my turn, I read “Celebrate This Kansas,” which you can see at the http://150kansaspoems.wordpress.com site or at the Kansas Arts Commission site.

Sitting the bright sunlight on an unusually warm (thank you!) Kansas day, I was struck by the blue of the sky, the faces in the crowd, and the dignity of the We-Ta-Se American Legion Post 410 Honor Guard, carrying forth the Kansas and U.S. flags along with their tribal symbols. I also love the notion of the posting and then the retiring of the colors as a way to open and close a ceremony.

Despite some hamster-like meandering through the basement of the capitol to get there and get back to the garage, and then finding two entrances in a row closed to the turnpike on the way home, I didn’t feel lost on this shining day. I’m hoping to keep that sense of being a little at home in a changing landscape when others things that are set to be decided in the capitol — some of which directly affect our household and community — come to roost. This is not to say I won’t be doing what I can, but that I’m reminded so much this week how life is far more mysterious and vast than I can imagine, continually posting and retiring its colors.

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Kansas Day: Everyday Magic, Day 193

  1. Susan Pearl says:

    Absolutely a beautiful celebration tribute. The vastness of the time and elements of Kansas are so immense and your poem creates connections to the vastness and elements in so very many aspects and ways. Wonderful. Thank you so much. Happy Kansas Day.

  2. Merry Lu says:

    Happy Kansas Day! What an awesome poem, you really captured the essence of Kansas. Thank you for sharing.

    I wrote a poem also about celebrating Kansas, that I sent out on my Kansas Day cards. I don’t really know if this is the place to share it on your blog, or if there is another more appropriate place, so I’ll just post it here.

    Celebrate Kansas

    This land we call home
    Give thanks to God
    For this prairie we roam

    Whistle a tune
    Like a Meadowlark sings
    Make it merry and bright
    Let your proud spirit ring

    Let your heart dance
    Like a sunflower sways
    In the warm summer breeze
    So carefree and gay

    Let your dreams soar
    So high, high, high
    Like a red-tailed hawk
    In the brilliant blue sky

    This land we hold dear
    Love, laugh, live,
    Keep your heart full of cheer

    Merry Lu Pasley—January 27, 2011

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