Teaching Transformation

Teaching Transformation

Teaching Transformation: Progressive Education in Action is edited by Lise Weil and Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg with an introduction by Elizabeth K. Minnich. This book, published by the Goddard Graduate Institute (GGI), is a collaborative project between GGI faculty, students, and alumni. We are grateful to Goddard College’s Fund for Experiments and New Initiatives for supporting this project.

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Here’s an interview on “The Magical Mystery Tour” with several contributors to the book — Lise Weil, Sarah Van Hoy, Katt Lissard, Lori Wynters, and Karen Campbell — on WDGR.

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  • Time to Tell Our Story: Preface by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
  • Introduction: The Moral, Political Action of Education by Elizabeth K. Minnich
  • Vision from the Ground by Sarah Bobrow-Williams
  • Leading and Following: A Perspective on Teaching and Learning by Ruth Farmer
  • The Virtual and Place-Based Culture of the Goddard Graduate Institute by Karen Campbell
  • Rigor, the Ridiculous, and Radical Resonance: Transitory Community and the Construction of History by Katt Lissard
  • What Happens at a Goddard Residency (and Why Is It So Hard to Explain)? by Lori Wynters
  • A Kitchen Table Discussion on Transformative Language Arts with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Minna Dubin, Deb Hensley, Yvette Angelique Hyater-Adams, Kao Kue, Joanna Tebbs Young, and Angie River
  • Embodiment Studies: “Academia as a School of Life” by Lise Weil, Juliana Borrero, Emilee Baum Trucks, Katie Soule, Sonja Swift, Kate Lidfors Miller, and Britta Love
  • Homecoming and Prayer: “Not To Be Cut Off” by Susan Pearson, Linda Schneck, and Bernadette Miller
  • “Goddard is a Place for People Willing to Bet on Themselves”: Graduates Steve Wright, Kris Hege, Karl Stenske, Mike Alvarez, Nicolette Stosur-Bassett, David White, Justin Kagan, and Larry Greer
  • Undiagnosed Visionaries by Sarah Van Hoy

Teaching Transformation also includes an appendix of Graduating Student Presentations, and resources.

Reviews & Excerpts

Teaching Transformation: Progressive Education in Action shares vibrant stories of how students in the Goddard Graduate Institute's Individualized MA, Social Innovation and Sustainability, and Health Arts and Sciences programs find and enact their vision, make and keep community, and foster enduring social change and ecological stewardship.

It comes to me again that knowing, feeling, thinking are intrinsically moral, and political: they concern how we relate, or fail to. This is also why acting and making, during which we are more used to being attentive to social and material possibilities and effects, can be invaluable in learning. ~ Elizabeth K. Minnich, Introduction to Teaching Transformation

We don’t offer a packaged curriculum where someone else has decided what constitutes knowledge, has organized that knowledge, has weeded out what they deem unimportant, and has emphasized what makes most sense to them. Our students don’t sit in classes and receive ideas. They don’t reproduce what already exists. Instead, Goddard students participate in shaping knowledge; they enter the collective conversation and move it in new directions. They are not satisfied with given meanings and comfortable practices. They are co-creating something that doesn’t always fit those givens. They are deciding what is important to them. Like the thawing of springtime, Goddard students take what has been frozen in place and they melt it and rework it, and in so doing they rebirth the world in their vision - their vision of justice, their vision of love, their vision of wellbeing and wholeness. ~ Sarah Van Hoy, “Undiagnosed Visionaries”

Teaching Transformation, crafted by visionaries dedicated to the preservation and reconceptualization of progressive, experimental education, provides us with the blueprints for teaching at the edges of what is known, and points the way toward an embodied, enchanted interdisciplinarity. ~ Kathleen Kesson, Professor of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership at LIU-Brooklyn

Discover, through writing by students, faculty, and alumni, how Goddard College transforms learning and provides students the tools they need most in dealing with all the complex issues facing their communities. ~ Sebastian Marino, delegate, Palau National Congress; Goddard Graduate

"Goddard changed my life" is a popular phrase at graduations. Teaching Transformation is a gold mine of ideas written by those on the front-lines of progressive educational about ethical, moral and political nature of education; the culture conditioning on learning; the need for "seeing the world through new eyes"; and developing capacities of awareness, receptivity, deep listening, and response. ~ Richard Schramm, former faculty at Goddard, Columbia, Cornell, Tufts, and MIT.