An Endless Skyway

An Endless Skyway: Poetry from the States Poet Laureate

Edited by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Marilyn L. Taylor, Denise Low & Walter Bargen ISBN: 9781888160529
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Each poet adds a unique style to the anthology and a unique slant on what it means to write … this book is  made for everyone to roam and ramble within. Open these pages and enjoy the journey.  ~ Ted Kosser, former US Poet Laureate

A red, white and blue collection of poetry, from sea to shining sea! What do people turn to in times of need? Poetry. In a beautiful world, where we can be left speechless, what do we turn to? Poetry. To know our nation, in both  sickness and in health, turn to An Endless Skyway: Poetry from the State Poets Laureate. An exciting anthology that brings together the poetry of thirty-eight State Poets Laureate from across the United States. It is a collection that explores the poetry of places, but at the same time offers a glimpse into the poetry of our whole  land.

Poets in this Anthology:
Sue Brannan Walker – Alabama
Peggy Shumaker – Alaska
David Mason – Colorado
Mary Crow – Colorado
Dick Allen – Connecticut
JoAnn Balingit – Delaware
Fleda Brown – Delaware
Kevin Stein – Illinois
Norbert Krapf – Indiana
Joyce Brinkman – Indiana
Mary Swander – Iowa
Marvin Bell – Iowa
Robert Dana – Iowa
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg  -  Kansas
Denise Low – Kansas
Jonathan Holden – Kansas
Betsy Sholl – Maine
David Clewell – Missouri
Walter Bargen – Missouri
W.E. Butts – New Hampshire
Marie Harris – New Hampshire
Larry Woiwode – North Dakota
Jim Barnes – Oklahoma
Paulann Petersen – Oregon
Lisa Starr – Rhode Island
Marjory Wentworth  -  South Carolina
David Allen Evans – South Dakota
Paul Ruffin – Texas
Katharine Coles – Utah
Kenneth W. Brewer – Utah
David Lee – Utah
Kelly Cherry – Virginia
Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda – Virginia
Samuel Green – Washington
Irene McKinney – West Virginia
Bruce Dethlefsen – Wisconsin
Marilyn L. Taylor – Wisconsin
David Romtvedt – Wyoming

Excerpt: "American Robin" by Denise Low

Nothing would give up life:

Even the dirt kept breathing a small breath.

~Theodore Roethke

Cold sun brings this mourning season to an end—

One year since my mother’s death.  Last winter thaw

my brother shoveled clay-dirt, she called it gumbo,

over what the crematorium sent back. Not her,

but fine powdery substance, lightened, all else

rendered into invisible elements.  That handful

of a pouch, un-boxed, was tucked into plotted soil,

the churchyard columbarium, a brass plaque the only

permanence, and the brick retaining wall.  So finally

my mother is a garden, day lilies and chrysanthemums

feeding from that slight, dampened, decomposing ash.

Her voice stilled.  One ruddy robin in the grass, dipping.

~ Denise Low