A Prompt A Day

More than a year of a pandemic can leave us anxious, isolated, and heart-broken. While writing isn't a cure-all, the simple act of making something out of words -- and connecting with writers past and present through their words -- can bring us greater solace, clarity, and perhaps even some joy. A Prompt A Day offers you daily creative sparks 

A Prompt A Day

Receive an imaginative and engaging writing prompt each day of April to inspire your creative spirit.

Prompts may be poems, songs, scenes from movies, and other surprises -- all accompanied by a beautiful illustration or photo -- and they will arrive in your in-box once you sign up.

Penpal Matching Service Bonus: Want a penpal to exchange your writing with during this time? All people who sign up will be sent a simple form, then I'll match you up with another person I believe would be a good match for you. All penpals will also receive a guide on how to play well together. Note: Penpal matches will be made on April 4, so if you want me to find you penpal, you must register by the end of April 3.

Fee: Please click on one of these two buttons - $30 (click on Buy Now button) or whatever you wish and are able to pay (click on Donate button). Please note that's fine to pay less if you're struggling now, and if you're in the money, it's fine to donate more than $30 to cover others. Payment form: I prefer Venmo -- and you can pay via Caryn-Goldberg-2. 

Coaching: If you'd like to work directly with me on your writing from this project or on any writing project, I love doing writing or right livelihood coaching. See more here.