A Prompt A Day

The pandemic can leave us isolated, anxious, and afraid. Artists like me who make our livings going out into the world to teach and facilitate -- as well as many people currently laid off from work or who must take off time to care for children or to self-isolate -- face economic worries and realities too. While writing isn't a cure-all, the simple act of making something out of words -- and connecting with writers past and present through their words -- can bring us greater solace, clarity, and perhaps even some peace. To this end, I'm offering two options: A Prompt A Day (below) and Vision & Revision: An April Poetry Immersion.

A Prompt A Day

Receive an imaginative and engaging writing prompt each day of April to inspire your creative spirit.

Prompts may be poems, songs, scenes from movies, and other surprises -- all accompanied by a beautiful illustration or photo -- and they will arrive in your in-box once you sign up.

Penpal Matching Service Bonus: Want a penpal to exchange your writing with during this time? All people who sign up will be sent a simple form, then I'll match you up with another person I believe would be a good match for you. All penpals will also receive a guide on how to play well together. Note: Penpal matches will be made on April 4, so if you want me to find you penpal, you must register by the end of April 3.

Fee: Please click on one of these two buttons - $30 (click on Buy Now button) or whatever you wish and are able to pay (click on Donate button). Please note that's fine to pay $1 if you're struggling now, and if you're in the money, it's fine to donate more than $30 to cover others.

Coaching: If you'd like to work directly with me on your writing from this project or on any writing project, I love doing writing or right livelihood coaching. See more here.