A Week Later, Remembering the Big Cookie: Everyday Magic, Day 14

One world encompasses me so completely that it’s hard to remember the life I just left, the one in New Jersey and New York where, a week ago, Ken and I celebrated our anniversary with a big cookie, family and friends. At my mother’s apartment in central New Jersey, close to where I grew up after our family fled Brooklyn in the Levitt-town diaspora, we gathered with my mother and aunts, uncle Lou (who took the great pictures), and friends Yvette, Kenny, Kelly and Scott to eat Chinese food and a very big cookie.

The trees were a few days ahead of the trees here, the wind was smooth, the temperature was brisk, and we had the pleasure of remembering with those who were there and those who weren’t what exactly happened on our wedding day. This included how the barn for the barn dance was, despite people’s surprise, a real barn (not so good for high heels), and we did get married on as much of a mountain that you’re bound to find in Kansas. We also talked about how everyone met one another, whether by blind date, just hanging out and then discovering one or the other thought it was a real date, or falling into a new life together without looking.

By the end of the night, there was just the crumbs to sweep up and a sweetness marking the merging of the old life with the new life, the family of origin with the newer friends, and one world with the other to come, just 1,400 miles west and right ahead.

Pictures, from top: Ken & Caryn, my mom and Aunt Rhoda, Yvette and Kenny, Scott and Kelly, and Ken and Aunt Jill. Thanks Lou Mazza for the great photos!

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